Colgate to switch to recyclable tubes


After 149 years, Colgate toothpaste tubes can finally be recycled, reports

US household and personal care manufacturer Colgate-Palmolive has developed toothpaste tubes that can be recycled and disposed of in regular rubbish bins. This could ultimately prevent a billion tubes a year from going into landfill.

The company plans to switch to fully recyclable tubes in the US by 2023, and globally by 2025.
As early as March 2022, four of Colgate's most popular toothpaste brands - Cavity Protection, Max Fresh Cool, Total Whitening and Optic White - will be available in the US in highly recyclable HDPE (high density polyethylene) tubes. Colgate's designers have spent more than five years redesigning the brand's toothpaste tubes.

Founded in 1873, Colgate now accounts for 34% of the toothpaste market in the US.

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